Shop smart with beacons
Location-based services and information flow in real time.

Beacons: Digital communication and retail space in perfect harmony

In combination with a customer app, beacons offer a range of applications that make a visit to a store a unique experience for your customers. Based on the sender-receiver model, the smartphone or tablet receives the beacon signal through Bluetooth, triggering freely definable events on the device itself or on nearby digital signage displays.

This allows the customer to automatically be greeted personally and informed about current offers as soon as he enters the store. Depending on prior purchasing behavior or products that the user has recently viewed in the app, product advertisements or important information can be sent to the customer in a targeted manner. In the store, customers can allow themselves to be navigated by means of a map to products they are looking for or places they find interesting.

Depending on how long a customer spends or has spent at a specific location, targeted, interest-specific advertisements can be shared. Or you can automatically inform nearby staff to ensure quick, ideal customer service at the point of sale. Your employees thus receive real-time, retail-space-relevant information and can act immediately.

But beacons can also help your employees to complete their work even more efficiently. For instance, maintenance orders or general work orders can be called up according to context and location. This enables technicians to call up a maintenance order or shop employees to call up the construction plan of sales shelves, for instance. Whatever document or information the staff need to complete their work can be made available without the user taking any action whatever.


The centerpiece of this innovative solution is SEEM MANAGER, a cloud-based beacon management platform developed in-house by Glanzkinder, with which you can quickly, easily, and flexibly configure all installed beacons and their behaviors.


  • Beacons
  • Beacon management platform
  • Customer or staff app

Advantages for your business:

  • Strong, lasting customer loyalty
  • Direct, automated, personalized availability for customers and staff at POS
  • Increase in conversion rate for offers
  • Reduction of scattering losses
  • Potential sale of advertisement placement and beacon actions to manufacturers and partners
  • Maximum use of marketing investments, higher efficiency
  • Maximum data generation from apps
  • Ideal networking of on-line and off-line sales channels
  • Potential combination with retail analytics (WLAN store solutions) and interactive digital signage

Advantages for the customer::

  • Informational advantage
  • Personalized content
  • More interesting, fully networked shopping experience
  • “VIP” feeling
  • Time savings

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