Personalized shopping experiences with customer apps
Attract, thrill, and win over customers

Customer apps: From initial visit to repeat purchase

Store finders have long been part of the basic configuration of any mobile retail application. They direct customers to the nearest retail store.

But that is only the beginning. Individualized apps allow you to prepare a shopping experience for your visitors that will give them a positive surprise and keep them excited even after they have left the store: A guide through the store , current availability information, an appointment with a favorite salesperson, notifications of events and special offers that can be ordered online immediately – if you can offer your customers these convenient functions, you have an advantage in the hard day-to-day competition for the greatest possible customer retention.

On-site customer communications using smartphones

In order to increase sales and optimize their customers’ shopping experience, many stationary retailers are already investing in mobile in-store applications. The reason is that, while the price and the sales process are clearly the focus in e-commerce, on-site customers can often be swayed by a live presentation.

Clear orientation in the shop

In-store navigation allows customers to look through the product range to find the specific items they want. They not only receive information about availability, but are directed to the correct shelf by means of an easy-to-use map function. The recommendation function allows the retailer to address other customer concerns at this point and recommend complementary merchandise.


  • Individualized app
  • CMS system for generating and managing content (link with a new or existing CMS)

Advantages for your business:

  • Strong, lasting customer loyalty
  • Extended sales periods
  • Optimized merchandise management
  • More efficient sales talks
  • Maximum utility from marketing investments
  • Increase in conversion rate for offers
  • Reduced costs
  • Personalized advertisement
  • Higher accessibility
  • Potential combination with customer apps, Retail Analytics, and interactive digital signage

Advantages for your business:

  • Informational advantage
  • More exciting shopping experience
  • VIP status with sales staff
  • Time savings
  • Personalized content

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