Interactive Digital Signage
Real-time advertising space and interactive information portal

Digital Signage: almost magical attraction for your sales areas

As a sales consultant, mobile guide through a retail store, or product presenter, digital signage allows you to give your customers a fascinating shopping experience. Tablets unlock interactive communication opportunities, and in conjunction with our sales-promoting app solutions, transform your salesroom into an irresistible customer magnet.

From digital product catalogs with availability indicators to video loops to social marketing tools, the touch screen, crystal-clear display, animations, videos, still and video camera, GPS, and sound and movement sensors allow the implementation of just about any idea. Of course, we will always take into account optimum integration into your existing POS and IT systems. In addition, WLAN and the use of mobile networks allow real-time access to your systems and the constant update of content.

Our kiosk and management systems round out our offerings and ensure intelligent protection against shoplifting and manipulation.

Components of Digital Signage:

Tablets in combination with:

  • One or more large-format displays/kiosk systems
  • CMS system for generating and managing content (link with a new or existing CMS)
  • Interactive POS apps
  • Display mount, cabling
  • Network technology such as LAN

Advantages for your business:

  • Remote control
  • Flexible content that can be updated at any time
  • Simple installation
  • Adaptable design
  • Support of various form factors
  • Information upon request
  • Integration of customers through individual provision of information
  • Potential combination with customer and staff apps and Remote Expert and Promoter

Advantages for your customers:

  • Real-time information upon request and comprehensive integration
  • Forwarding of information and content by e-mail to the customer app
  • Familiar user interface

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