Mobile Consulting and Sales
Better customer service and greater efficiency

Mobile Consulting: current product information at your fingertips

CANCOM transforms your sales consulting to mobile consulting. Tablets equipped with business-specific consulting apps give your sales consultants direct access to inventories, technical data, and current on-line prices at any time.
The result is excellently sourced customer consulting and a significantly stronger employee presence in the salesroom because there are far fewer trips to the back room.
Mobile payment terminals for tablets perfectly round out the service, and you make true VIPs of your customers with individualized customer apps. But it is not only mobile consulting that can be raised to an entirely new level of quality; other tasks, such as inventory, shelf stocking, and real-time reporting can be completed significantly more efficiently.


  • Individualized consulting app
  • Card-reader tablets, smartphones, iPod Touch
  • CMS system for generating and managing content
  • Network technology such as LAN, WLAN, and UMTS

Advantages for your business:

  • Fully informed customers at all times
  • Improved time management
  • Stronger customer relations
  • Expansion of available product range resulting from the integration of other branches and on-line offers
  • Greater average size of shopping cart
  • Potential combination with customer apps and digital signage solutions

Advantages for the customer:

  • Optimum consulting
  • Impressive shopping experience
  • No waiting in check-out lines
  • VIP status with sales staff

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